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Sku 378184
Country USA
Region Kentucky
Appellation Kentucky
Type No
Varietal Bourbon
Volume 750ML

Woodford Reserve Double Oak Bourbon (750ml)

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92 Points; Wine Enthusiast: "After the usual aging time; this Bourbon is then moved to a heavily-toasted; lightly-charred barrel to extract additional oak flavor. The end result is deep amber in the glass; with bright spice cake and baked apple fragrance. On the palate; it's lightly sweet at first; showing creamy caramel; but finishes dry; with touches of espresso; oak and Baker's chocolate. Overall; a bold; flavorful sipper." 9/14.. . . . . . . TASTE Caramel; cinnamon; clove; corn and solid oak make up the bulk of the flavors. Pepper and leather are brought out by the rye which is very apparent in this one. Add a dash of vanilla and cherries and you have yourself one hell of a flavor profile. . FINISH. Fruity caramel paired with oak and corn that stays consistent through a long slow finish.. Josh Peters

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