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Sancerre Chavignol Rose Francois Cotat 2016 (750ML)

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"“Cotat produces old-style Sancerre, quite different from the norm found today… rich, full flavored, thick, and sometimes not bone dry. They are some of the finest Sauvignon Blancs I have ever put to my lips.” \n***** Five Star, Outstanding Sancerre Producer, Robert Parker, Wine Buyer’s Guide, 5th edition. \nThe venerable Cotat estate holds vineyards in the top-rated village of Chavignol, making tiny quantities of absolutely unforgettable wines. In fact, these wines are so distinctive that certain vintages were forbidden from using the Sancerre appellation, as they were deemed “atypical” for Sancerre. Regardless of whether they are called Sancerre or not, they are certainly outstanding in quality, exhibiting a perfect balance between fruit, minerality and acidity. From 1947 until the early 1990’s, the Cotat family, under the direction of the brothers Francis and Paul, made a single cuvee in one cellar for each of their brothers designated wines, but bottled it under two separate labels. Upon retiring, the Cotat brothers turned their vineyards over to each of their sons, Francis son Pascal and Paul’s son Francois. Today the cousins produce their wines in separate cellars, but each still practices the same traditional winemaking techniques mastered by their fathers." -Importer