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Sancerre Chavignol La Grande Cote Francois Cotat 2017 (750ML)

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"The Grande Côte, the famed site within Sancerre’s Chavignol area, is where Sauvignon Blanc reaches its pinnacle. \n \nThis is one of the grandest, most profound and longest lived Sancerres on the earth. \n \nCotat's entire lineup offers mind-bending complexity and longevity, but Grande Côte is the stand out in terms of intricacy and powerful, tactile minerality. \n \nThe Grande Côte is a steep vineyard that sits on hard Kimmeridgian limestone, the very same vein that runs through Chablis. As one might expect, the grapes grown here produce wines of energy, precision, and Chablis-like minerality. \n \nIn François Cotat’s hands, the heights to which this wine can reach seems endless. An aged bottle is unmatched in depth, elegance, and stony complexity. They’re simply jaw-dropping. \n \nThe 2017 vintage drives this point home. The vintage captures the soaring scale of Grande Côte with stunning precision. The wine weaves together notes of meyer lemon, herbs, and flowers, and there’s an electric minerality that's simply thrilling." - Joe Salamone