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Riesling Pechstein GG Von Buhl 2017 (750ML)

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Vinous Media

95 Points, David Schildknecht, Vinous: "Resinous, cooling but penetratingly pungent mint and sage practically assault the nose, and "assault" is a equally apt word for this bottling's trigeminally intense palate impression. It glows, sizzles and cools at one and the same time, its herbal intensity matched by zesty fresh lemon as well as a suffusion of crushed stone. The mouth-shaking finish milks the salivary glands. This took my breath away, and for a moment I thought it might make off with my tongue as well! I am left seconding Kauffmann, who confessed: "I love Pechstein!" (Though he - not I - added that "Kirchenstück is always even better.") " 3/19