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Riesling Kirchenstuck GG Von Buhl 2017 (750ML)

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96 Points, David Schildknecht, Vinous: "Musky narcissus and iris but also sweetly aromatic lily rise from the glass. Any influence of the relatively young wood to which this was exposed seems only to reinforce the flavors and textures inherent in Riesling from this great site. The floral perfume persists as inner-mouth profusion, musky and bitter-sweet. Silken, yet animatingly juicy in its evocation of white peach, and in no way heavy, the wine finishes with remarkable persistence of an animal-herbal-mineral meld that is fascinatingly complex and mouthwateringly saline. Not for the first time among von Buhl 2017s, I am reminded of a pot of mussels steamed with green herbs. Here's one of those rare wines that make you shake your head in wonder that such a thing could come entirely from grapes. "What I have come to believe makes this site so special," remarked Kaufmann, "is its rainbow of soils, sandstone and calcareous matter being mingled with the basalt. It's super-good," he added - no argument with me there! Yet he predicted that "right now it's only displaying 60% of its potential."" 3/19