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Benromach 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch (750ML)

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Benromach, 10 year old, 43%, $50 The first 10 year old release containing whisky produced entirely by the new owners. I love the interplay here between the malt, sherry and smoke, with all getting a chance to shine. A rich vanilla-tinged malty foundation, deep caramel, rhum agricole, an array of lush fruit, dark chocolate, along with grassy/hay note, honeysuckle, subtle spice (cinnamon, anise) and lingering earthy smoke. A vast improvement from the "Origins" release last year. I would only make two changes to make this whisky even better (and elevate to 90+ status): a couple more years on oak, and bottling at 46% and not chill-filtered. Still, this one of the best efforts from this distillery. Well done! Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 88