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The 2006 Burgundy Tasting
Wednesday, May 20, 2009
With Special Guests, Becky Wasserman, David Croix, and Mets' Baseball Legend, Rusty Staub!

 Rusty Staub with Jeff and Don Zacharia
Rusty Staub with
Jeff and Don Zacharia

 Rusty Staub with Don Zacharia
Rusty Staub with 
Don Zacharia

 Becky Wasserman with Don Zacharia
Becky Wasserman with 
Don Zacharia

 Rusty Staub with Becky Wasserman
Rusty Staub with
Becky Wasserman

Jeremy Noye with 
David Croix

Andrew McMurray talking
with guests about Burgundy

 Anthony Lamonaca Pouring Wines
Zachys' Anthony Lamonaca
Pouring Wines from our Eno
for our Burgundy Guests!

  The wines of Domaine des Croix
The wines of Domaine des Croix

 The store is buzzing with excitement over the 2006s they are tasting!
The store is buzzing with 
excitement over the
2006s they are tasting!

 Zachys guest enjoying some Red Burgs Tasted at the event
A Zachys guest enjoying some
Red Burgs Tasted at the event

 Food provided by Meritage Restaurant
Food for the evening was provided
by Meritage Restaurant

 Guests gathered around the Enomatic Machine
Guests gathered around
the Enomatic Machine 

An incredible selection of White
Burgs were available to taste as well

 Red Burgundy
There was such an expansive selection
of Red Burgs available to taste