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Holiday Season 2013 – Showing Our True Colors


Welcome to this year’s Holiday Gazette. I realize we have been a bit “absent” from the world of print over the last few months, and feel this is the time of year to show our true colors. E-commerce is certainly the wave of the future and the path many retailers are following exclusively. We feel fine wine is a little different.

There are thousands of different styles and nuances when it comes to wine….each having their own flavor profile and followers who connect with it. There is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to fine wine…but simply that which suits your style. Premium wine and spirits are not an entity that is bought and sold like a basic commodity, but rather something that you need to understand, research, and taste (hopefully) to fully appreciate what is best for you.

In showing off our “True Colors” with this Holiday Gazette, my team of contributors has taken the time to speak to the wines that they are passionate about and what truly moves the Zachys client base. Our in-store selections are always a blend of what my buyers love and are passionate about, and what our customers are responding to or requesting on a regular basis.

I know how busy one can be at this time of year, but this catalogue is chock-full of great reading about some of the best wine and spirits in the marketplace today. We hope that after reading the pages that follow, you will be as inquisitive and excited as we are to try the wines that best suit your holiday needs and beyond.

The store is brimming with new-release vintages from all the major wine-producing regions around the world. There are plenty of cellar treasures and everyday party pleasers to be sought out on the shelves of the store that will create a big buzz during the holidays. As always, what I am most proud of is not the bottles that adorn my shelves or the cases stacked in the warehouse...it is my committed and dedicated staff that is here every day to help you in the store, on the phone, via email, or on the website.

We will be here 7 days a week throughout the entire holiday season, welcoming your visits to the store, calls on the phone or electronic inquiries. Whatever way you are most comfortable connecting with your wine choices...we will be here to assist you.

As always, the entire Zachys team wants you to know we are here to serve your holiday shopping needs, and we wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season.

All my best,


*Prices in the Holiday Gazette are good from 11/10/13 until 11:59pm EST 12/31/13 or while supplies last. Sale items are drastically reduced net prices off the regular bottle price. No additional discounts can be applied. These prices cannot be applied to previous purchases. Not responsible for typographical errors. Prices subject to change without notice.