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ZOOKIE Meatballs - Serving up “Old-fashioned indulgence” at Zachys!

Saturday, November 9th | In-store | 12-3pm

We’re always searching for the next way to create an unforgettable experience at Zachys. When we were able to play host to John Matta of Castello Vicchiomaggio, we thought to ourselves “how do we make this tasting REALLY stand out?”

How about some MEATBALLS to taste alongside some Tuscan reds?

Enter Zookie Meatballs, home of the “Meatball-grams” made famous by FM 103.9 host Debbie Nigro. Everyone at Zachys got to taste their food, and boy were they good!

“Artisan meatballs with an old world flavor. What are artisan meatballs? Hand rolled, flavor infused locally sourced family favorites created with a modern twist. Gluten-free, dairy free and meatless ball varieties are also available. So now old-fashioned indulgence can be enjoyed by all.” -zookiemeatballs.com

Beef, turkey, sausage & pepper, vegetarian, gluten-free options…getting hungry yet? There’s also rumor of a special Thanksgiving meatball made with stuffing and cranberry. We can’t verify this just yet, so you will have to Take a Drive and find out for yourself!