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This "Saturday Favorite" is A Lot of Wine for the Money! 

This "Saturday Favorite" is A Lot of Wine for the Money!

We have dozens of Westchester faithful who can attest to this one - the wine is excellent. We played host to the owners of Argentina's own Casarena a few weeks ago at a complimentary in-store tasting, and "Bang for the buck" was the phrase we kept hearing. So when it got a mention in today's Wine Spectator Advance, we were not surprised!

On a short list of top notch quality-for-the-price Argentina wineries, this was an unbelievable find for us. Now that the rest of the world is starting to catch on, we know we were right all along!

Team Casarena is coming back to Zachys for an encore on Saturday November 2nd. We suggest NOT waiting until then to try the wine, because we're sure to sell out before then. Lock in now and enjoy this bang-for-your-buck "Saturday Favorite" Malbec, which is flat-out DELICIOUS and receives our highest level of recommendation!

All My Best