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This French Red is the "Finest Value Money Could Buy"
- Robert Parker

There isn't much more we can say that hasn't been covered already. Dave Phinney (of famed winery Orin Swift) has just launched his newest project and we couldn't be happier. With access to some excellent fruit from all over France, he has started a project that could only be called a game-changer:

He goes on, taking his fellow reviewers and connoisseurs to task with this one:

"…at these prices, no one will be unhappy with these wines. Of course, if you're going to yak terroir, transparency, and all the insufferable and pretentious wine speak that makes some wine tastings unbearable, these offerings will not "float your boat." However, from a qualitative standpoint, they are top red wines."

Preach on, Mr. Parker! Straightforwardly-delicious and just plain fun, this is the beginning of something great from Dave Phinney. Hop on board and see what has us so excited!

All My Best