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A Major 2002 Vintage Champagne Upgrade! 

A Major 2002 Vintage Champagne Upgrade!

Finding vintage 2002 Champagne in the market is becoming harder and harder due to the fact that it was a REALLY GOOD vintage that most were commercially released 2+ years ago.

There was a late releaser that we were excited to get our hands on this based on its initial 95 point review from Wine Spectator. Well, if they liked it on initial release clearly they like it even more now!!!

From the November 15th Wine Spectator Advance:

A Major 2002 Vintage Champagne Upgrade! 

Thankfully we loaded up while we had the chance this Summer and stocks still remain. At least for now they do! Don’t wait for the holidays because this one will be gone for sure.

This brightened my day!

All My Best,