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This year I am proud to be going “Boston Strong” all the way to KONA!


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UPDATE: Photos from Hawaii!


Andrew Water

I am saving the best for last from 3 consecutive years of training, racing and fundraising for worthy causes. In 2011, my support team and I raised over $40,000 for Families Of Freedom Scholarship Fund (A charity to benefit the children of 9/11 victims) on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Last year, we raised over $70,000 for two charities; one recipient was one of our very own employees who is suffering from cancer and the other for Smith-Magenis Syndrome (a rare disease that a friend's daughter has) all raised while preparing for the Toughman ½ Ironman.

It was only natural that I would eventually build up to a FULL Ironman this year...but where would my motivation lie after the last two years? What could push me to all new heights after what has been 2 tremendously successful years...and to take on one of the TOUGHEST triathlons in the world?

And then it happened...

Monday April 15, 2013 – A day of significance and accomplishment for so many was shattered by an unthinkable act of violence. On Patriots' Day the city of Boston (and all of America) was rocked to the core at 2:49PM when two pressure cooker bombs exploded injuring hundreds, and affecting millions.

As an athlete and a native of Massachusetts, I could not help but feel connected to the events that transpired. How? What? Where? So many innocent people on such a joyous day in the city of Boston...How will the city recover? How will the nation respond?

The resilience of the city of Boston and the national support that engulfed them was nothing short of MAGNIFICENT. Almost instantly, BOSTON STRONG sprang up and the rally cry from Coast to Coast was inspiring. To this day I will never forget watching the national anthem being sung at the Boston Bruins Game on April 17th...a mere two days after the attack. I was so proud to be connected to Boston...the state of Massachusetts...and a part of The United States of America.


Although my largest race ever, I need to find a way to prove that virtue can come from resilience, toughness, courage and commitment. Something that could not have been more evident in the days and weeks that followed the April 15th attack.

Although hundreds of people were injured (and thousands effected), the story of the Richard Family has inspired me to race. Bill & Denise Richard of Dorchester, Massachusetts brought their three children, ages 11, 8 and 7 to Boston to cheer on runners in the Boston Marathon. The second of the two bombs detonated within feet of where all five of the Richard family members were standing. The force of the blast took Martin Richard’s life. He was eight years old. Their seven year old daughter Jane lost her leg and Denise suffered a serious eye injury. Bill took shrapnel from the bomb in the legs and had some temporary hearing loss. Henry, the oldest of the three children, miraculously did not suffer physical injuries from the blast.

Most people when they hear that I am planning on swimming 2.4 miles...riding 112 miles in the baking lava fields of the big island...and running a full marathon ask the same question(s): “Are you crazy?” “Why would you do that?”

And, most importantly, because I CAN FOR OTHERS WHO CANNOT!!!

I plan on harnessing all my anger, frustration and helplessness that is bottled up from watching that fateful day and leaping forward to do all that I can to show that I too am BOSTON STRONG. I am proud to be contributing my effort to this worthy cause and even more proud to have the chance to show America’s resilience and unwillingness to get knocked down.

I hope you will join us in our efforts on behalf of The Richard Family as we go BOSTON STRONG all the way to KONA!

All my best,