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Pierre Ferrand Cognac

Saturday, October 19, 2013 | In-Store | 12-4pm

Cognac Ferrand is the result of the encounter in 1989 between Alexandre Gabriel and one of the oldest winegrowing families in the Cognac region. Alexandre Gabriel's intention was to breathe new life into Cognac Ferrand and make the world's best cognac. The estate of Cognac Pierre Ferrand is located directly in the ‘golden triangle’ of the Grande Champagne region. Considered the best area for making cognac because it’s very chalky soil help to retain moisture that keeps the grapes healthy during the long dry, summer months.  The distillery has over half a dozen different locations for aging, all with different ranges of humidity and temperature. All of these give Pierre Ferrand a wide selection of eau de vie to select for blending into their standard expressions. Take a drive this weekend and discover the luxurious world of Pierre Ferrand Cognacs.