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Producer Profiles – Cottanera & Elvio Cogno, Italy’s Finest

Saturday, September 14 | In-Store | 12-4pm

Balanced, elegant, nuanced, subtle, and downright beautifully crafted. If these two wineries have anything in common, it’s that their wines fit this description to a tee!

Cottanera – “From the lymph of Mount Etna,” this was one of the first wineries to recognize the true potential of grapes grown on the slopes of this active volcano. Located near the city of Catania, their wines are made only from indigenous grapes, and display the minerality and elegance that have become emblematic of the best wines of the Etna appellation.

Elvio Cogno – one of the greatest wineries in the Piedmont. Owner Valter Fissore prefers to let his wines speak for themselves, but has this to add about his philosophy: “high-quality grapes, balanced wines: rich but not excessively so, amenable but elegant, with a classic character and feel. Cogno wines seek to transmit emotions, to be remembered. They cheer the soul of anyone who tastes them with enthusiasm and sincerity.”

We are showcasing the best of both wineries…taste and see what has collectors, reviewers, and us so excited!