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Benchmark Alsatian Producer: Albert Boxler - Must have for Summer 

Benchmark Alsatian Producer: Albert Boxler - Must have for Summer

Very few things have made me happier than to see Alsatian wines make a comeback in the market. Casting aside the mass consumer driven trend of "sweeter the better", the benchmark Alsatian producers are turning out dry, mineral-driven and focused wines that command notice in a big way.

Producers like, Albert Boxler, who to old-school collectors needs no introduction. At Boxler there is no manipulation in the vineyard, no manipulation in the cellars, just clear terroir driven expressions. From dry Riesling to Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer, even the unexpected plantings of Pinot Noir in Grand Cru Sommerberg, we’re excited to have Albert Boxler back on the shelves at Zachys.

With 80 degree weather and blue skies, who could ask for better weather to kick back and enjoy a cool crisp glass of Alsatian wine - and what better selection is there than the wines of Albert Boxler? Don’t wait to pull the trigger on these wines, we have a limited allocation and once they’re gone they’re gone!

All my best,