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New York LOVES Frappato - Sicily's Summer Sipper

New York LOVES Frappato - Sicily's Summer Sipper

"Sicily is one of the most exciting wine regions in the world. That goes particularly for the reds, which are not heavy at all but fresh and lively." Eric Asimov, New York Times 8/8/13.

We talk a lot about "great wines for the summer," but rarely does red wine enter that conversation. It's white wine and rose all day long, and there's a reason for that: in 80-plus degree weather, most people don't exactly have Cabernet or Brunello on the mind! Then again, those same people haven't heard of the value wines made from the Frappato grape...yet!

Valle dell'Acate, from that "most exciting wine region," has provided the world with a Frappato that has quickly become a Zachys favorite:


As if to repeat what we already knew, Eric Asimov wrote about this three-star red in the New York Times last week, and considered it the "Best Value" in his report on the region. Suffice to say, this wine is GREAT!

Every day that passes continues to confirm it: Sicily really is the next great wine region, and one of the few winemaking areas that consistently overdelivers for the price.  This is in stock now and MORE than ready to drink, so hop on board and enjoy our new favorite summer red!

All My Best

P.S. At our Great Wines Of Italy event with James Suckling in May this was a clear standout (And honestly a first for me) in the value category!

All MY Best