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Top New Super Tuscan is also the Best Value in Montalcino  

Top New Super Tuscan is also the Best Value in Montalcino

Montalcino wine this good is never available at a price like this. Until now.

Argiano is one of the biggest names in Brunello, showing their mastery of the Sangiovese Grosso grape and crafting consistently excellent wines year after year. But there is so much more to the winery than just Brunello, as ridiculous as that might sound! They've made a name for themselves for their Super Tuscan blends, and make excellent blends from international varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah.

Their value Super Tuscan, the Non Confunditur, has always been a wine that drank well above its pricepoint. But now it has just gotten RIDICULOUS!

James Suckling gave this wine the HIGHEST review he has ever given it in all his year's of tasting this blend. In addition, it was named as one of the "100 New Top Super Tuscans To Buy". High quality wine from Montalcino at this price NEVER happens. And at just $19.99 per bottle, it's easier than ever to enjoy a fantastic bottle from a top producer in one of the world's most prestigious wine regions. We are expecting VERY FAST movement from this wine.

Need we say more?

All My Best