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Domestic Classic - Cabernet "Cellar Selection" 

Domestic Classic - Cabernet "Cellar Selection"

It's just one incredible wine after another with Woodward Canyon. Should we even be surprised anymore?

First, it needs to be said: there is absolutely no way to speak about Washington State wines without including Woodward Canyon in the conversation. Zero, nada, no-way no-how! This historic estate owned by Rick Small is responsible for both putting Washington on the wine map, and for keeping it there with its consistent high quality year after year.

Right now we're spotlighting their Artist Series #18 Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, which is beginning to truly hit its stride:

Rick Small spoke of his winery in the "early days" of the 1980s, saying that "We advanced substantially in quality because we allowed ourselves to make mistakes and to learn from them." This winery is producing better and better wines as time goes on, and the Artist Series #18 Cabernet is the perfect example! Placing #78 on Wine Enthusiast's "Top Cellar Selections of 2012" is a nice tagline for this wine, but even that doesn't do it justice. Woodward Canyon showcases the best that the state has to offer as a wine region: high levels of complexity and nuance, but with balance and elegance. This is a big wine, but it is by no means jammy or over-the-top: balance is the key, and the reason why this is a wine to be enjoyed both now and in years to come.

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