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 "Bright, Breezy" Spanish Summer Red - Under $15 and Ready to Drink!

"Bright, Breezy" Spanish Summer Red - Under $15 and Ready to Drink!

Zachys just landed another 90 point Wine Advocate rated Spanish value, perfect for summer entertaining.

Always a stickler for quality and an ardent supporter for the unsung varietals of the world, Neal Martin’s review of the Bobal deSanjuan Viticultors de San Juan 2011 sings the praises of the Bobal grape, showing that light-bodied reds can serve up serious depth of flavor and complexity, without weighing down the palate - in other words, PERFECT SUMMER WINE:

"The nose is well defined with pressed flowers, crushed stone and a touch of balsamic. The palate is fresh and natural with good acidity, hints of mulberry and briary fruit with a very cool, Rhone-like finish that is pure and focused. This is a bright, breezy Bobal that is very well made...90." WA 10/12.

“This is a bright, breezy Bobal” and it offers up an excellent, super-value example of the fresh fruit-forward character of Bobal (think Beaujolais from Spain) that still packs a punch big enough to stand up to the grill this summer. (I’m drinking mine with steak and grilled Portobello caps).

Coming in at just $12.99 per bottle, the Bobal deSanjuan is a no-brainer for summer nights with friends and family. Light up the grill and coast through the summer with “Bright, breezy” Bobal deSanJuan.

All My Best,