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Donnachiara - Campania's Top Winery

Donnachiara - Campania's Top Winery

Saturday, July 27th | In-store | 12-4pm

We can proudly say that we were the first to try the wines of this fabulous estate in Southern Italy. Across the board there is stunning quality for the price, and we locked in for our orders the first chance we had.

Then the press started rolling in. Then came the placement in Wine Spectator's Top 100. Then came the inclusion in the "Great Wines of Italy" earlier this year, featuring the top wineries of Italy as chosen by James Suckling. Suffice to say, the winery is here to stay…and luckily, so are the fantastic values that caught our eye in the first place!

These wines are fantastic values and perfect for the summer, and even if you've never heard of varietals like Coda di Volpe or Greco di Tufo, you're going to enjoy discovering them. "Take a drive" and experience Donnachiara, the unofficial top winery of Campania!