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Semental Tequila Tasting  

Semental Tequila Tasting

Saturday, August 3 | 12-4pm

Tequila Semental is a brand relatively new to New York and the rest of the east coast. It is uniquely crafted from hand-selected, estate-grown agaves using the highest standards of quality, produced in small batches and aiming to appeal to those with educated palettes. 

There are several factors that separate Tequila Semental from the rest of the tequila market, most notably its smoothness (due to triple distillation), low methanol content (lowest in the tequila industry) and a unique barreling program employing brand new oak barrels.  The reposado is aged in 100% brand new American Missouri Oak barrels, the anejo is aged in the first ever hybrid barrel (pioneering in the tequila world!), consisting of American Missouri Oak staves and French Limousin Oak caps, also 100% brand new wood with a medium toast and typically aged 15-18 months. 

"Take a drive" down this weekend meet Serena, taste Semental and have a sip of El Diablo cocktail.