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Charles Heidsieck Bland des Millenaires 95

Unanimous Staff Favorite: 18 Year old Growers Champagne -Drinking like a dream

Charles Heidsieck Blanc de Blancs Millenaires 1995

Zachys is the first to acknowledge that not everyone has the same palate and that variety is the spice of life, so when one single wine resonates with our entire staff from our Accounting Department through to our Sales Team – WE TAKE NOTICE.

Enter Charles Heidsieck Blanc de Blanc Millenaires 1995

Zachys was quick to jump on a small allocation from a recent late-release offer, and while most 1995 vintage champagnes are long gone from the market, Zachys has 1995 back in-stock! So during last week’s staff seminar we decided to pop open a bottle to see how this beauty was showing.

At 18 years old the Millenaires has evolved from a rambunctious toddler into a classy dame and is drinking like a dream (with plenty of life ahead of it). Which is no surprise considering Millenaires is the crème de la crème of Champagne Charlie’s lineup; a tête de cuvée produced in only exceptional vintages and is a blend of 100% chardonnay sourced from only grand cru vineyards.

After 3 tasting sessions with staff from all departments across the company the verdict came back with Charles Heidsieck Blanc de Blanc Millenaires 1995 as a unanimous staff favorite!

Days later, we’re still revved up on the Millenaires and when you consider that this is on a short list of UNANIMOUS STAFF FAVORITES don’t expect our allocation to last very long. Secure yours on-line or contact our Customer Service team via phone or email.