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"Spain's Delicious Wines Don't Break the Bank": Espelt Corali Rosado Spotlight

A good friend of mine last night said, “Hey don’t you guys carry the Espelt wines?” and I said, “Yep, sure do! Why?” then they sent over this GREAT article from the Wall Street Journal, Spain’s Delicious Wines Don’t Break the Bank released on June 7th. I’m kicking myself for not seeing this sooner, but with the Westchester Wine & Food Weekend as well as hosting Gaia Gaja that weekend, I’m willing to give myself a pass.

That said, featured front in center is the Espelt Corali Rosado 2012!

“Delightfully fresh and decidedly floral rose is made from Garnacha in Spain’s Emporda region in northern Catalonia. It’s a fairly light-bodied wine – a lovely aperitif”

We’ve had this Spanish value in-stock for several months now and seen this great VALUE ROSE really pickup an in-store cult following. Take Lettie Teague’s recommendation and don’t let the summer roll by without trying Espelt Corali Rose 2012… did we mention it’s UNDER $15?