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Stunning Aussie Values - Gotham Wines with Romy Clugston

Saturday, July 13th | In-store | 12-4pm

"Gotham Wines aim is to produce the best value wine money can buy. Since our first wine produced back in 2004 we have been striving to produce fantastic wines in a style consumers actually want to drink. Gotham wines takes it name from the pet name for New York City" - Gotham Wines

These are no "critter wines". The Clugston Family’s Gotham Wines are crafted from grapes sourced from only the top vineyards in South Australia, and pack a massive amount of bang for the buck. We’re more than happy to showcase the wines that pay tribute to the greatest metropolis on the planet! Want to know more about these infamous Wine Men of Gotham proudly emblazoned on the label? Take a Drive to Zachys and we’ll make sure Romy Clugston tells you herself!