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This "Smart Buy" is Top 100-bound...again! 

This "Smart Buy" is Top 100-bound...again!

Seghesio is one of those wineries that epitomizes the phrase "embarrassment of riches." Just about every wine they produce is absolutely fantastic for the price, and they find themselves on Wine Spectator's Top 100 list on an almost perennial basis.

If this Wine Specator review is any indication, then we have another one on our hands. Once again, the wine is just unfairly good.


You almost want to go up to the Seghesio family and say "Let somebody else share the spotlight for a change!!!"

But in all seriousness, this is an utterly fantastic wine for the money. Seghesio is on a short list of wineries that have truly elevated the status of Zinfandel in the United States. Once a grape reputed for producing cheap soft easy-drinking reds, Zinfandel has come a very long way, and these wines are complex, nuanced, and more than cellar-worthy. In stock now, we're excited to have it back on our shelves as they continue to showcase the best of what California has to offer.

Lock in for your bottles now, because when that Top 100 list comes around and this wine is on it, we can't guarantee it will be in stock!

All My Best