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Longtime Zachys Favorite is a "Top Value of the Year"! 

Longtime Zachys Favorite is a "Top Value of the Year"!

When trying a new wine, there is no better feeling than uncovering that diamond in the rough. You know the one...that rare unsuspecting bottle with a quality-to-price ratio that's in the stratosphere. So you can imagine how we felt when Wine & Spirits Magazine recently posted their "Top Values of the Year" and we realized just how many of them we have in stock and LOVE...

...but perhaps none moreso than a longtime Zachys favorite...the Malbec 2011 from Finca Vides Torcidas.


Just confirming what we already knew about this wine...at just $11.99 per bottle, it is PHENOMENAL for the money!

Sharing the stage with this overachiever of a wine is a healthy mix of movers and shakers in the wine world, with both established brands and smaller producers putting their best feet forward. Modern technology and electronics are making the wine world smaller by the day, and we are discovering outstanding wines in places we would have never looked even just a few years ago. And when they're available at such spectacular prices, it's easier than ever to take the plunge!

Summertime is the absolute best time for these value wines of quality. Whether it's casual sporting events, rooftop cocktails, barbecues, or outdoor theater, you want to keep it straightforward...suffice to say, you aren't going to be bringing a bottle of Chateau Margaux or Masseto out on a picnic! Everything in this offer is under $15 and drinking well above its pricepoint, so leave the decanter at home and bring a bottle of Torcidas (or anything else from this list) instead!

All My Best