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No Better BBQ Partner Than FETZER!!!

No Better BBQ Partner Than FETZER!!! 

 Ever since this re-invented iconic brand showed up on Zachys doorstep last Fall it has taken the store by storm!!

We are thrilled and excited to welcome back this unbeatable price/quality champion on Saturday May 18th as they walk us through some exciting (And dare I say…industry leading and innovative) new wines and packaging from their portfolio. One of the most established commercial brands on the planet is that of the Concha Y Toro group from Chile. Concha Y Toro purchased the Fetzer estate almost 2 years ago with a singular goal in mind…To re-establish what was once a benchmark brand with higher quality levels and standards of excellence than even before.

They have accomplished this as witnessed by the HUNDREDS of cases rolling out the door at Zachys every month. From packaging, new wines and significant qualitative upgrades of what’s in the bottle……Fetzer has a little something for everyone. A reduced carbon footprint is very important to this group and it is the practices of BONTERRA WINERY (Which they also own) that are spilling over into every aspect of all that is Fetzer.

Finally, they will be showcasing the newest single serve technology that just launched in the U.S. market a few short weeks ago and is taking the Grab-n-Go concept by storm with baseball stadiums, convention centers, racetracks, music venues and large stores (Like Zachys :-) Finally a premium wine in an easy to carry, open and consume single serve package. Already featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show and The New York Times….come on down to the store and see what this is all about.

Memorial Day weekend will be here before you know it. You want to be fully stocked for the weekend and the Fetzer collection of wines are just what the doctor ordered.

We look forward to seeing you at the store for this tasting.