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Port 2011

It’s Official: Our Very First Futures Offering Of The Newest Declared Port Vintage – 2011

As is typical for me, I have been pushing SUPER HARD to get answers/allocations/prices on the 2011 Port vintage ever since I heard of the declaration. Although not released into the marketplace until this Fall, the declaration was made a few weeks ago and initial reports are great...
"...It's the first major Vintage Port declaration since 2007, and Port producers are excited about the "classic style" and "purity" of the 2011... The 2011 vintage makes me think of some of the great classics such as 1966 to 1977. Some of the wines below have the green, stemmy edge in flavor with polished yet chewy tannins that great Port blenders always looked for in legendary years such as 1947 and 1927. I can't wait to taste more 2011 in few weeks..." Jamessuckling.com April 28, 2013.
"...There is little doubt that 2011 produced some stunning vintage ports, into which more effort and skill has gone than any other previous vintage in the Douro. And I find it impossible to think of any other wine region, anywhere in the world, that produced better wines..." Jancis Robinson May 1, 2013.

In an effort to be fast out of the gates we wanted to get you the first 3 BIG BOYS to get us pricing and allocations at very special futures pricing. Our first allocation is based off these special costs so PLEASE don't hesitate as when it's gone...it's gone.
With good reason there is a lot of excitement around this vintage and many of the reviews from the wine critics and publications are yet to come. The only disadvantage to waiting on all the press is prices have a tendency to rise and quantities dwindle. NOW is the best time to cash in on a vintage of this quality and our BEST PRICES on the vintage.
We look forward to hearing back from you.
All my best,