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Hot Off The Press - Wine Advocate Is Out On 2012's - Prices Down By As Much As 20-30% Off! 

Hot Off The Press - Wine Advocate Is Out On 2012s

Prices Down By As Much As 20-30%!

Murphy's Law...Robert Parker comes out with his complete review of the 2012 vintage on a Friday afternoon and Jeff is still in Bordeaux tasting the vintage.

So I am scrambling to get you some of the highlights and already I am noticing a NOTICEABLE drop in prices from the 2011's...Some as much as 20-30%!

There will be a LOT more offers in the days to come but best to get you all rolling with this nice collection of 9 highly rated 2012s

We will be here all weekend so be sure to check in quickly.

All my best,

*All orders subject to written confirmation. Payment is due upon confirmation of order. Delivery of 2012 Bordeaux will be completed by the Fall of 2015. Many odd sizes available, if you do not see an odd size that you are looking for, please inquire. Prices are net & not subject to any discounts. Prices are subject to change without notice. Maximum charge on any credit card for Bordeaux futures is $10,000.