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From the Makers of Sassicaia - Fantastic Value Pinot Noir?! 

From the Makers of Sassicaia - Fantastic Value Pinot Noir?!

Yes, you read that correctly! Once again, the best of Argentina, Burgundy, and Tuscany have combined to bring us a fantastic wine: Bodega Chacra’s Barda 2011. Plus, enjoy

Barda, the “younger brother” of Bodega Chacra’s ubiquitous flagship wine, has always been unfairly viewed as little more than a curiosity. The question was always whether or not this Patagonia “experiment” could produce high quality Pinot Noir for the price

...and now we have our answer!

The minds behind Tenuta San Guido show their influence: a wine of quality crafted with the utmost care. They turned Sassicaia, and SuperTuscan blends in general, into household names within just a few years of their founding. Will that happen with Bodega Chacra? The future certainly looks bright! Nevermind Patagonia…at the end of the day, you’d be hard-pressed to find great Pinot Noir from ANYWHERE at this price!

All My Best