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Produttori del Barbaresco

The "Ultimate" Piedmont Bargain

We are living in a day & age when some of the most noble red wines from Piedmont (i.e. Nebbiolo based) are in super high demand, somewhat limited supply and therefore a bit pricey. When I say "pricey" I mean carrying a price tag of $80 - $150/Bottle.

What happened to the days of getting a TRULY GREAT bottle of Barolo/Barbaresco for under $60/Bottle?

They are not over at Zachys!!! Especially when you are talking about the hot new releases from Produttori del Barbaresco.

"…The Produttori have long made delicious, ageworthy Barbarescos, but in the last few years the overall level of quality and consistency has gone up several notches. Best of all, prices have remained exceedingly fair…these fine, traditionally built Barbarescos deserve serious attention…" Wine Advocate #185

We are thrilled to be able to offer you a comprehensive offering of the 2007 and 2008 Riservas….all garnering huge press/praise…and not a single regular size bottle selling for over $60/Bottle (Heck…a few of them are even under $50!!) As they have quite a few single vineyards I have assembled a comprehensive PDF that you can see by clicking HERE that displays each of the designates, Wine Advocate reviews and the sale prices. All pricing is available to be ordered directly on-line.

Word to the wise: Shop QUICKLY as we only get a few cases of each of the Riservas and they are sure to sell out quickly with this kind of price/quality ratio!!

All my best,