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Feudo Maccari Nero D'Avola

"Absolutely ridiculous" Value from Italy's Next Great Wine Region

Sicily is on fire.  And no, that is not a volcano pun!  The world is starting to catch on to the phenomenal wines from that famous island in the Mediterranean:

"At a time when prices for so many of the world's great wines continue to spiral out of control, there aren't too many regions that offer a level of breadth, quality and value that can match the best of Central and Southern Italy...
...some years I have been most struck by the wines of Campania, other years the Marche has been utterly captivating, but this year it is Sicily that seems to be front and center..." Antonio Galloni, The Wine Advocate Issue #205, February 2013

"Sicily has come a long way in the last decade in producing top class wines that emphasize the distinctive quality of its climates and soils, and this year's release of wines from the island's top wine producers is its best ever..." James Suckling, November 2012

Over the last few years we have seen a massive increase in the availability of high quality wines from throughout Sicily.  The unique volcanic soil composition, climate, and dedicated use of indigenous varietals like Grillo and Nerello Mascalese have helped this island's wines graduate from "cult" status to across-the-board greatness.  Both large and small-scale producers have seen their wines grow in popularity and quality, and perhaps no wine more epitomizes that than the Nero d'Avola 2010 from top Sicilian winery Feudo Maccari.

Feudo Maccari Wine Advocate Tasting Note

Need we say more???

In-stock now, lock in for your bottles and savor this stunning selection from Sicily, Italy’s next great wine-producing region.