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Another Value White from Buitenverwachting – Premier Winery, Not-so-catchy Name!

Depending on who you ask, they’ll shorten it to either “Bay-ten” or “Bow-ten.”  Regardless of the pronunciation, everyone is clamoring for the fantastic value wines from this “tongue-twister winery” from South Africa!  The good press just keeps rolling in, like this tidbit from the Wine Spectator Insider:


We offered out their Chardonnay last year during the fall, and we were sold out before the holidays, with customers clamoring for more of that phenomenal value wine.  The moment their Sauvignon Blanc was available we prepared ourselves and grabbed as much as we could.  But with the weather getting warmer (despite Old Man Winter’s best efforts!), we expect this to spend very little time on our shelves.

Wine critics are calling South Africa “The New Chile”, in terms of delivering a stunning level of quality for the price.  We think it’s much more than that.  Buitenverwachting is one of many wineries new to the United States that is changing perceptions everywhere.  Dutch for “Beyond Expectation”, this aptly-named wine is leading the charge to push South Africa into the spotlight…in addition to being delicious, of course!

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