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Zipz: Premium Wine Anywhere 

Zipz: Premium Wine Anywhere

At ZACHYS we are always looking for new and innovative additions to the wine world that will help to break down traditional barriers to entry in the food & wine world and make premium wine more accessible to all. We truly think we have found it in this cutting edge new packaging technology...ZIPZ – Premium Wine Anywhere.

Zachys has been an active consultant to a few large-scaled hospitality facilities/companies over the last few years (Including the New York Mets CitiField & Centerplate) and the need for a great glass of wine on-the-go has never been more obvious. The quality of to-go food at large entertainment venues has seen a renaissance in the last 5 years and it is time that the wine play a little catch up. This single serve wine glass is just the answer we all needed. Environmentally correct (As it is fully recyclable), ergonomically designed and well-built the ZIPZ packaging has been the answer to the code we have been trying to crack for quite some time now.

It is our belief that this new concept will dramatically change when and where people will feel they can grab a GOOD glass of wine. Not only has Zachys and it's partners recognized this need/demand but also one of California's most iconic brands (FETZER) saw a great opportunity to bottle its most progressive new line of wines (Crimson & Quartz) in this dynamic packaging. Want to take advantage on the FETZER wines...simply click HERE.

The days of having to "settle" for a glass of wine on-the-go are over as the delicious varietals (Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Cabernet & Chardonnay) certainly impressed my buying team. When they were all recently blind tasted on these wines and the only parameters they had was: "These wines would retail for roughly $15/Bottle...How do you feel about them? Does the juice deliver for the price?" As we worked our way around the table there was a unanimous vote "Yes!"

Spring is here and it is time to break out of Winter hibernation and ZIPZ – Premium Wine Anywhere is just the answer.

Zachys is here to be your Grab-n-Go destination.

Load up today.

All my best,