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Big Name, Big Value!

Big Name, Big Value – Under $15 US Cabernet

"Thank you for continuing to make such great wine."

When Chateau Ste. Michelle's head winemaker Bob Bertheau thanked us for Zachys' support, this is how we responded. For a company that built itself into a world-renowned producer, one has to appreciate the constant high level of quality that still comes out of this Washington State winery. They didn't get there by spending the most advertising dollars, they just kept it simple: make very good wine across all price points. And they've done it yet again!

Their Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 is the latest winner, netting a 90-point score and a "Best Buy" designation from the upcoming issue of Wine & Spirits magazine. And at $14.25, can you say "no-brainer"?!?!

This Washington state winery is one of the biggest names in USA wine today, and they've earned it. They continue to provide excellent wines across all price points, and are champions when it comes to over-delivering on their value wines. This Cabernet, arriving today, is sure to fly out of our warehouse by the case, so lock in for your bottles sooner than later!

All My Best,