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Unbelievable Price and High Praise for Legendary Sweet Wine 

Unbelievable Price and High Praise for Legendary Sweet Wine

D'Yquem.  Suduiraut.  Taylor Fladgate. There are very few wines that belong in the same conversation as those legendary producers. But in the 18th and 19th centuries, this wine was in the upper echelons of the wine world; its name was synonymous with greatness. Not only was Klein Constantia's Vin de Constance the greatest South African wine, it was one of the best wines in the world.

Unfortunately as time went on, the world began to forget about this Muscat-based dessert wine from the Constantia region of South Africa's Western Cape. But that is about to change, and thanks to an overall rise in the quality and popularity of South African wine across the board, it once again belongs in the same sentence as the wines mentioned above. A recent tasting of the 2007 vintage by the Wine Advocate's Neal Martin left him with no shortage of poetry to sing the accolades of this great wine's "comeback":

"...blessed with life-affirming purity and vivacity on the Satsuma and honey-coated bouquet, whilst the palate displays...poise and precision...proof that this legendary wine is now back where it belongs: in amongst the greatest sweet wines of the world."

He does not stop there, and in fact only seems to have even more wonderful things to say:


We're going to cut to the chase: normally this wine is available for $60-$80, and makes for a highly cellar-worthy gem. But we're able to offer this out for just $39.99, a small price to pay for one of the world's most iconic brands!

This is three-hundred years of winemaking tradition in a bottle...long-lived yet immediately gratifying, this is one wine you will not want to miss out on. Stocks are limited, so be sure to lock in for your bottles soon.

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