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IRRESPONSIBLY Good Press for Reference-Point Italian Values

How does Sartarelli continue to make such good wine? These masters of Verdicchio simply do not stop raking in the awards and fantastic press. The Sonoma Wine Journal recently raved about their lineup, but little did we know the press had only begun to roll in.

Their entry-level Verdicchio Classico 2011 was recently tasted blind by James Suckling as part of his “Wine Challenge” series at Zachys, and he came away with the same appreciation that we did:


This is a highly versatile, highly affordable white that is fantastic in its own right. But the main event has to be the Verdicchio Tralivio 2010. It was reviewed by Antonio Galloni in the most recent Wine Advocate who had VERY good things to say about the wine and the winery as a whole:


If the press somehow isn't enough, we're looking to ratchet up the interest in these fantastic wines by placing a big discount on them. Originally released at $16.00 and $21.00 respectively, we are now offering them out at $12.99 and $15.50 per bottle, for the rest of the winter!

Spring is just around the corner and the savings are great, so what are you waiting for?

All My Best,