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ZACHYS Is Fast Out Of The Gates With The Top Scoring Wine Of The Region

Upon returning from my tasting trip in Italy this past weekend (Stay tuned for videos and offers by the way) I saw the breaking news of the release of Wine Advocate #205 – February 28th, 2013. While there was a ton of excitement swirling around the store this weekend on the INCREDIBLE final reviews for 2010 Bordeaux, I was of course focused on one thing only...ITALY!!!

Antonio Galloni - In The cellar
"Central & Southern Italy: A Wine Lover's Paradise"

As I delved into the section with 527 wines reviewed the TOP RATED wine of the section simply leapt from the screen as I had JUST tasted this wine for the 1st time while in Italy last week and remarked in my tasting notes what an astonishingly unique wine this was. Then to get home and see it in print from Antonio Galloni I knew we needed to be fast out of the gates with this one. I have already locked in an opening allocation on this wine that I am prepared to offer at VERY SPECIAL pre-arrival prices.

Terra di Lavoro - Wine Advocate Rating

This wine is due to arrive later this year