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Italian Cellar Discovery

Cellar Discovery…What I Like To Buy!

I actually wrote this note pertaining to this offer while on the plane home late yesterday from Italy. For me to be trapped in one place and forced to sit still for 9 ½ hours is a complete RARITY (Those of you who know my energy levels will understand). I usually take this time to review my tasting notes and potential buying opportunities for the up and coming months.

This year was a little different as there was a private Italian collector that I met on the final day of my trip who had a VERY impressive cellar, but felt that possibly he had TOO MUCH wine. Trying not to be too much of an Ugly American I offered to purchase some of his collection to help him to lighten the load and lessen his wine burden.

In today's offering is the 1st grouping of wines I was able to purchase from him. The selection process was simple:

- They were all wines I would love to have in my personal cellar
- An offer could be sent to our best clients to see what they would want to grab
- Whatever is left over could just go to my house :-)

Purchasing like this is super easy when it is a legendary vintage like 1997 and worst case scenario I will have new treasures for my own cellar. Of course my goal every day is to improve your cellar…..so don't feel guilty buying these gems….There will always be more.

Quantities are VERY limited on some of these gems so please act fast if interested and we will confirm orders ASAP. I look forward to hearing back from you and hope you are all having a great weekend.

All my best,


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