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 Bollinger's 2002 Grande Annee is an Amazing Champagne...

Bollinger's 2002 Grande Annee is an Amazing Champagne...

...but by now as a Champagne lover you already knew that. A great wine, from a great house and a great vintage.

Like many special cuvees of Champagne, magnums of Grande Annee are sparse and become quite rare.

Today that rarity is going away at least for a few hours while we offer a healthy chunk of the legendary Grande Annee 2002 in magnums. The wine is packed three magnums to a case and we have a handful of cases to offer.

Also, I almost forgot to mention we currently have the best price in the USA on these rare gems and once they are gone that is it. We won't be able to get anymore.

"There is Champagne, and then there is 2002 Bollinger. This wine makes me dizzy, stammering in cross-eyed bliss. Taking a step back, the sustained chord of flavor comes into focus, revealing a limestone honey: scents of acacia, marzipan, apricot and golden citrus...Flavor details aside, the wine's richness softens the structural grandeur of the vintage, which is buoyed in a mineral bath of power. This will reward another ten or 20 years of age, and the bottles that remain will likely only feed the wine's legend...98." W&S 09/12.

Chin, Chin,