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8 Best-Selling Wineries in the Store! 

Best-Selling Wineries in the Store!

10 Best-Selling Wineries in the Store!

Saturday, March 2nd | 12-4pm | In-store

To say that we're excited about this one doesn't even begin to describe it! We had an opportunity to host a few winery representatives for this tasting, but our clients should know by now that we're never ones to rest on our laurels. So we decided to up the ante a bit: instead of two or three, how about we put the spotlight on TEN of our favorite wineries?!

"Take a Drive" and meet the minds behind the wine…and of course, taste the best of the best from some of Zachys' favorite wineries. Brunello, Riesling, Champagne, Rhone Valley wine...this is a lineup that will be VERY difficult to top!

Lorenzo Alutto - Ca du Rabaja (Piedmont)
Casey McClellan – Seven Hills (Washington)
Giulia Vittori - Molino Sant'Antimo (Montalcino)
Giulia Vittori - Molino Sant'Antimo (Montalcino)
Elisa Fanti – Fanti (Montalcino)
Lorenzo Sassetti and Sabina La Brusco - Pertimali (Montalcino)
Pierre-Adrien Fleurant - Pierre Henri Morel (Rhone)

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