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Stunning Press on Value Whites...and the Best Prices in the Country! 

Stunning Press on Value Whites...and the Best Prices in the Country!

We at Zachys have long been believers in the beauty of Italian whites: Grechetto, Arneis, Soave, Gavi...winemakers have taken massive strides in increasing the quality of these value-oriented wines. But perhaps none have impressed more than the Verdicchio crafted by long-time favorite Sartarelli, from the Castelli dei Jesi Classico region of Marche. Reviewed in the recent Sonoma Wine Journal, needless to say, they stood out:

Verdicchio Classico Sartarelli 2011 "Light and bright, with delectable aromas and flavors of ginger, English peas, cut grass, and cold melon. Medium-bodied. Good palate presence, with an attractive balance between fruit and acidity and a fairly dry finish. A delicious wine for the price, try this with every risotto combination you can imagine...90." SWJ 01/13.

This beautiful white has impressed us and prominent critics around the world. But the praise doesn’t end for Sartarelli wines...in fact, it only seems to get better:

Verdicchio Tralivio Sartarelli 2010 "Golden yellow. Piquant aromas of lemon oil, chopped herbs, and freshly cut grass. Searing acidity that shatters the framework, with a powerful beam of zesty flavor that shows superb concentration on the midpalate. The finish bursts into a fireworks show of phenolics, where a mist of bitter almonds and lemon-covered tannins give a command performance. A stunning Verdicchio that simultaneously (and possibly uniquely) captures exceptional ripeness and cut. Try this with linguine and clams and be prepared for gastronomic bliss...93." SWJ 01/13.

The best part? These wines are now available (for a limited time) for $12 and $15.50. Excellent wine available at a peerless price...we decided it’s hard to argue with the best price in the country! (Wine-searcher.com)

In-stock, ready to ship, and ready to drink...the cold months are typically red wine season, but great wine is great wine all year long. Time for Verdicchio to stand in the spotlight!