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Get the Inside Track on the Winter Gazette…

Get the Inside Track on the Winter Gazette…

No Frills Just Page After Page of Great Wine at Great Prices! Many the Best Price In the Country!!!

Welcome to what I like to call the "No Frills" Zachys Gazette. January is always a different kind of busy for the Zachys buying team. For the first three months of the year (although a quiet time for many), we are insanely busy organizing, tasting, and purchasing all the new-release vintages for the months to follow. I would say that at least 65% of the year’s buying decisions are made in the first quarter.

The driving force for this "No Frills" Gazette:

1. We are so crazed tasting and buying; there are just not enough hours in the day to sit down and focus on a content-heavy catalogue. To do it right, we want to write new articles and stories, which takes time we just don’t have.

2. Quite simply...WE CAN’T HAVE IT ALL!!! It would be nice if we were collectors, but we are sellers of fine wine. Thus carrying more than one (and in some cases multiple) vintage at a time can create significant operational difficulties, and is not efficient for maintaining a streamlined inventory. So, as much as it pains my buyers (myself included), I have asked them to identify the last-of-bottles and wines where there is no more to get and CLEAR THEM OUT!!!

So, this Gazette is all about the wine and the PRICE as we anticipate HUGE movement on this wine.Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Take the time to read the following pages VERY CLOSELY as there are some INSANE DEALS in here. We are looking to rip the Band-Aid off quickly as letting go of wines at such low prices is going to be truly painful. (Many the lowest prices in America!)

These offers are a one-shot deal...when they are sold out...THEY ARE SOLD OUT.We look forward to hearing back from you in the next couple of weeks. My advice is simple, DON’T HESITATE!

All my best,

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