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"Affordable Bordeaux" 90pts & Under $20!

Last night we held our 2010 Bordeaux Tasting with the participating Chateaux in the UGC.

If you missed the tasting…you missed a good one!

What did we take away from the tasting? The 2010 vintage is a landmark vintage. This is a vintage that is built to last and last and last. Did we mention that this is a vintage to cellar?! The wines possess all the elements that you look for in long-lived Bordeaux: structure, tannin level, great acidity, and balance of fruit.

That leads us to really like the vintage along with the monumental 2009 vintage. It is just that in general 2010 is a vintage that will require a bit more patience. That being said, a vintage that takes patience in Bordeaux, that is very good like 2010, gives us excitement for the "affordable Bordeaux."

This is where you can secure some stellar wines at extremely reasonable prices that will reward for years to come.

One of those wines is Chateau de Villambis 2010 Haut Medoc!

Arriving today, this wine is a standout Crus Bourgeois! At only $16.99 per bottle, it is the best value we have come across from the Haut Medoc. Some of the bigger names of Haut Medoc like Sociando Mallet and La Lagune are priced well over $50 per bottle, if not pushing triple digits.

2010 Chateau de Villambis 90 points!
Tasted at the Crus Bourgeois 2010 tasting in London. The de Villambis has a ripe, quite opulent bouquet that thinks this is 2009! The palate is medium-bodied with crisp acidity, lovely orange zest notes tincturing the lively black fruit and a composed, refined yet intense finish that is fresh and vital. Excellent! Drink now-2018. Tasted September 2012.

With the above review from Robert Parker's British based critic, Neal Martin, the Villambis is a slam dunk. Below are some of Neal's comments on the 2010 Crus Bourgeois. Clearly value and longevity are the thrust of the commentary:

"Tasting through approximately 150 Crus Bourgeois (I halted when my palate became fatigued) there is certainly a clutch of stupendous wines that fulfil that oxymoron: affordable Bordeaux. The best adhere to that classic style of Bordeaux, drier and less fruit-driven, surfeit with dry tobacco aromas and often exhibiting "crushed stone" notes on the palate. This tasting reinforced the notion that 2010 is not a fruit-driven vintage à la 2009, not by a long way. The best wines offered ample freshness and vitality, some imbued with superb mineralité and terroir expression. Just do not expect your palate to be immediately seduced, something that we are becoming far too accustomed to…Criticisms aside, there are still plenty of gems to choose from and they will cost you far less than the Grand Cru Classé…" Neal Martin the Wine Journal eRobertParker.com.

Chin, Chin,