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 Finest Vintage Ever for Voge and Cornas...

Finest Vintage Ever for Voge and Cornas...

“2010 rivals 2009 as a great vintage...As in 1989, 1990 and 1991, the Northern Rhone has had a trifecta of top vintages in 2009, 2010 and 2011. The 2009s and 2010s will dominate the cellars of connoisseurs and much of wine-speak over the next two decades...” Robert Parker the Wine Advocate 12/12.

The 2010 vintage for the Northern Rhone is exceptional and produced hundreds of great wines. However, never before have we seen Robert Parker rate so many Cornas so high as with this 2010 vintage.

Two Cornas 2010 were rated 100 points, two were rated 99 points, five were rated 96 to 97+ points, and six were rated 95 to 95+ points! Simply put 2010 has turned out to be the vintage for Cornas. Even with Robert Parker awarding the overall 2009 Northern Rhone vintage superior to 2010 overall; Cornas 2010 excelled much further than the 2009 vintage were Robert Parker only rated five wines 95 to 99 points.

With this being said, the production on many of the top Cornas of the 2010 vintage are very small and we have seen prices over the past few years increase to well over $50 per bottle. Luckily there are still some wines that are priced under $50 and today we are able to offer the 2010 Les Chailles Cornas by Alain Voge.

Alain Voge and his team have turned out what many including Robert Parker are calling their finest wines ever.

The Les Chailles Cornas is a blockbuster of the vintage for the quality and for the price. Top quality Northern Rhone wines like this Cornas can easily run $200 or more if it was from Cote Rotie or Hermitage. Just another reason why we love Cornas. The value that is achievable for such high quality Northern Rhone Syrah is many times mindboggling in great vintages.

The Voge 2010 Cornas Les Chailles is arriving at the end of next month and the demand we are already seeing for the Voge wines is tremendous with the Vieilles Vignes cuvee already sold out. With that we highly encourage you to reserve your Les Chailles Cornas 2010 before it is too late.

Chin, Chin,

Finest Vintage Ever for Voge and Cornas...