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90 Point, Under $15 Italian Red 

90 Point, Under $15 Italian Red

A Zachys Favorite!

This Veneto winery, a Zachys Favorite, has done it again.

Italian winery Ca'Rugate has made a name for itself as a producer of high quality, superb value wines made using only indigenous varietals: Corvina, Rondinella, Garganega, and more. They've received praise from the Wall Street Journal, Wine Advocate, and Decanter Magazine for their meticulous vineyard management, winemaking techniques, and their wines' expression of Veneto terroir. Their lineup of whites, reds, and sweet wines has been a perennial favorite among wine-lovers at just about every price point. Long story short, we like Ca'Rugate!

Their Valpolicella Rio Albo has always been one of my favorites…for me it doesn't get much better than a quality "weeknight" red to go with dinner, especially if that dinner is a hearty pasta dish or, my favorite pairing, pizza. This delicious value wine tends to be overshadowed by its "big brothers" Amarone and Valpolicella Ripasso, especially during the winter. But with the recent press and 90-point score the Rio Albo 2011 has received from the Sonoma Wine Journal, this time the "little guy" is stepping into the spotlight.

In-stock, ready to ship, and ready to drink, this winter warmer will make an excellent addition to your table, and an even better pairing for pasta. Be sure to lock in for your bottles now, because wine of this quality at this price tends to sell out very quickly!