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Michel Chapoutier: AKA Mr. 100 points!

Michel Chapoutier: AKA Mr. 100 points!

Over the course of this past year you have heard from us that Michel Chapoutier and his team are some of the finest at producing top quality wines.

This is a fact. They turn out some of the finest wines of their respective regions and this is supported by the consistent praise that the wines receive from press around the globe.

Based on Friday’s latest issue of the Wine Advocate that roll of high scoring wines continues with Robert Parker awarding Chapoutier once again perfect scores!

This has lead me to review what do we have to offer from Chapoutier. Well, our selections from Chapoutier and all his other wines total up to well over 100 selections. So, I will keep it just to the Chapoutier Rhone wines. That still is a pretty big list so I’ve decided to focus on only wines rated 95 points or higher. That makes the list only 45 wines! 45 wines rated 95 point wines with 8-98pts, 4-99pts and 13-100pts wines!!!

Chin, Chin,

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