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Terlato Chapoutier

Another 93 point Chapoutier Red Under $20!!!

How does he do it? Michel Chapoutier and his team are on a roll, a really big roll or maybe they just have figured out that “Midas touch” for turning out under $20 reds that are of extremely high quality and score 93 points with Robert Parker.

This year we have offered several wines from Michel Chapoutier and his team that Robert Parker has personally awarded very significant scores. From the Languedoc-Roussillon wines of Bila Haut to the Australian Domaine de Tournon and Terlato & Chapoutier reds.

Well today we can offer the latest under $20 red from Michel Chapoutier that has received an amazing 93 point review from Robert Parker personally yesterday in the latest issue of the Wine Advocate. Yesterday’s Wine Advocate issue focused on the Northern Rhone but as Michel Chapoutier makes wine across the globe, Robert Parker included this Australian wine along with a few others.

Now clearly Michel Chapoutier is on a roll as I lead off with. And in this latest issue just look at the staggering facts of how well the Chapoutier wines are performing:

• Seven 100 point wines
• Six plus 97 to 99 point wines
• Fifteen plus 95 to 96 point wines
• Thirty-five plus 90 to 94 point wines

These numbers are just a quick tally based on all the wineries that Michel is connected too that had reviews published in this issue. However, the numbers clearly paint a picture of a winemaking team that understands how to turn quality in all price points!!!

The 2011 Terlato & Chapoutier Shiraz-Viognier is arriving this March and this is your chance to reserve a case or two now while the price is locked in at only $15.99 per bottle rather than the $20 suggested release price.

To place your order you may contact our Customer Service Team at cs@zachys.com or by calling 1.800.723.0241. You can also just simply head straight to Zachys.com to secure this Chapoutier wine along with some of the other 30 selections we currently have to offer.

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