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90pt Layer Cake Cabernet - We Love to Say We Told You So!!!

90pt Layer Cake Cabernet - We Love to Say We Told You So!!!

Back in August, we said the following:

"Layer Cake was launched with one mission, to create affordable wine for discerning palates...it conjures the notion of something rich, decadent and indulgent as well as something homey and comforting; characteristics that are easily translated onto the palate through each of the Layer Cake single-varietal labels...previous vintages have been rated by The Wine Advocate with 90+ points, and while the current releases have not yet been reviewed, we wouldn't be surprised if they topped the charts again."

Now, more than 4 months later, we picked up the latest copy of The Wine Advocate and checked out what they had to say about Layer Cake Cabernet 2010:

Layer Cake Wine Advocate Review

Mass appeal, fantastic value, AND great press? How can you go wrong??

If ever there was a time to hurry and lock in for your bottles, it's now, because we're guaranteed to sell all of it before it arrives at our warehouse on Monday.

Oh how we LOVE to say we told you so!